Features & Benefits

A waterborne reactive polyamine adduct with long pot life and low viscosity.
It has complete compatibility with cement and calcium salts.
Low colour & low viscosity.
Zero VOC and good freeze / thaw stability.
Particularly well suited for high temperature climates.

Typical Applications

  • Floor and Wall Paints 
  • Hygiene Coatings
  • Epoxy Cement Mortars
  • Concrete Primers
  • Gloss Paints
  • Coatings for Green Concrete
Typical Properties
Amine Value
(mg KOH/g)
Active Hydrogen eq. Weight
Addition Level
Typical Viscosity
@ 20°C (mPa.s)
200 140 75 14,000

Typical Properties
Flash Point
1.06 Max 6 80 ± 1 >100

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