Features & Benefits

Low toxicity, mono-oxazolidine moisture scavenger and drying agent.
Fast reacting - hydrolyses on exposure to moisture.
Low colour and low viscosity.
Eliminates CO2 bubbles and pinholes in two-component systems.
Minimises downglossing and hazing under high humidity application conditions.
Fully reacts into urethane polymer matrix.
Confers tolerance to repeated opening of containers.

Typical Applications

  • Removal of water from polyols in two component polyurethanes
  • Removal of water from solvents, plasticisers and pigment pastes
  • Prevents gassing and gelling in one-component systems 
  • Humidity control during application of sprayed polyurethanes
Typical Properties
Functionality Equivalent Weight Typical Viscosity
@ 20ºC (mPa.s)
2 114 20

Typical Properties
Flash Point
0.87 Max 200 82