Epoxy systems

Waterborne epoxy systems have provided formulators with the opportunity to develop the zero VOC coatings demanded by increasingly stringent environmental legislation. In addition, the absence of hazardous solvents makes the products user friendly by virtue of their low odour, easy cleaning of tools in water and their ability to be applied to solvent sensitive substrates.

The Incorez 140 series is a range of waterborne reactive polyamine adduct curing agents (148 series) and an emulsified curing agent (142) to combine with epoxy resins producing 2K waterborne epoxy systems. They can be used to emulsify and cure both liquid and solid epoxy resins, yielding tough, durable coatings and screeds. All products in the 148 range are zero VOC, freeze/thaw stable and contain no free amines.

1K polyurethane systems with oxazolidines

The traditional method of curing PU floor coatings is via the reaction of the terminal isocyanate groups of the polyurethane binder with moisture. This requires a high level of isocyanate content ot afford an effective cure which leads to toxicity issues with residual isocyanate monomer. Another problem is the side product, carbon dioxide, produced with this reaction which results in pinholing defects that can then compromise the integrity and aesthetics of the finished coating.

An effective way to eliminate gassing and improve the cure performance of the coating is to introduce an oxazolidine latent hardener. Using such a hardener type allows the formulator to combine the benefits of the oxazolidine hardener with a prepolymer of much reduced isocyanate content. Typically, the isocyanate level can be reduced by as much as 10-15%.