Polyurethane Dispersions

Polyurethane Dispersions (PUDs) are often the polymer type favoured by waterborne coating formulators to boost performance properties such as toughness, scratch and chemical resistance in a wide variety of applications. PUDs bring these advantages and often combine them with other features such as low temperature flexibility and lack of tackiness, whereby other polymers such as acrylics cannot easily combine such properties.


Historically, one of the main drawbacks with polyurethane dispersions has been the use of pyrrolidone solvents in manufacturing and as a film coalescence aid. There has been and still is, significant regulatory pressure to eliminate the use of products containing these solvents.

Incorez has addressed the reclassiification of pyrrolidone solvents with the introduction of the DISPUREZ range of pyrrolidone-free polyurethane and polyurethane/acrylic dispersions.

These new products are without hazard classification and have been designed to enable formulators to enhance the performance of their coatings over and above NMP/NEP containing products without the need to increase VOC content.