Case Study - Oxazolidines

14 September 2010

Oxazolidines in polyurethane coatings for wind turbines

The company
A manufacturer of high performance polyurethane coatings for the protection of wind turbine towers and blades.

The problem
Traditional polyurethane based coatings require tin based catalysts to help speed up the cure as the coating film takes a long time to set and can lead to water spotting during storage. Faster curing polyaspartic topcoat technology has a propensity to dry spray in high humidity and shop conditions have to be adjusted accordingly.

The company was aiming to develop a polyurethane top coat with fast cure and suitable working time across a spectrum of application conditions. The polyurethane top coat had to conform to the current VOC regulations (420g/l) and provide the specified chemical, UV and weathering resistance. The final coating was to be applied to glass fibre plastic on the blades of wind turbines.

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