Incorez celebrates 25 years

27 September 2011

Whilst most eyes were on the FIFA World Cup finals during 1986, a small but significant decision was made by two people that initiated the founding of Incorez Ltd. The owner of Liquid Plastics Ltd., Lionel Gorick and his then R&D Manager, Len Daniels, discussed the formation of a company that would begin its life by servicing the needs of the family coatings company (Liquid Plastics Ltd), in particular manufacturing key raw materials. The Gorick family were well versed in setting up new businesses, already owning three companies, one of which was situated in Belgium (Pentagon Plastics). The company was initially named Industrial Copolymers Ltd and its claim to fame was the introduction of a new waterbased hardener for epoxy paints. A one ton reactor was set up in a corner of the warehouse where it produced a polyamino-amide curing agent. For paint manufacturers, the company's new technology translated into a low colour, low viscosity coating system that was easier to use than existing materials.

Industrial Copolymers struggled to gain recognition against the industry giants until 5 years later, when it decided to manufacture a polyurethane hardener (known chemically as oxazolidines) for use in PU coating systems. At that time there was only one other producer and ICL saw a gap in the market for an alternative supplier who could produce a number of variants to what was already on the market. Within 5 years the company was to become the largest worldwide company supplying oxazolidines and decided to relocate to a new facility in the early 1990's.

Based on these new developments Industrial Copolymers soon gained recognition in the field of polyurethane chemistry as an innovative manufacturer. Within a few more years, the company had also added waterbased dispersion polymers to its portfolio of products in order to meet growing consumer demand for "green materials". ICL won the Royal Society of Chemistry's very first "Green Chemistry Award" in 2000 for developing Incozol LV - a material that helps reduce solvent levels in PU coatings.

In 2008 Industrial Copolymers Ltd underwent a rebranding and became Incorez Ltd. Not only did the logo change but the whole identity of the company was transformed into one more suited to an innovative global chemical business.

Incorez Ltd was acquired by swiss construction chemicals giant, Sika, in 2009. Today, with the support of Sika, Incorez continues to flourish in the chemical manufacturing industry and the company looks forward to celebrating again in another 25 years.