Incorez forms partnership with SpecialChem

04 May 2012

Incorez has recently entered into a partnership with SpecialChem, the world’s largest network of chemicals and materials suppliers.

SpecialChem has over 500,000 registered members in 4 main markets and attracts over 3000 new members every month.

The aim of the partnership is to support the Incorez corporate communications strategy by bringing global visibility of the company and its market leading oxazolidine technology to the coatings & inks industry. This will be achieved with the creation of the new Oxazolidine Technology Center on the SpecialChem platform.

Through the Technology Center, Incorez want to generate awareness of its expertise and capabilities as a raw materials manufacturer, the positioning and applications for its oxazolidine chemistry and the benefits of using oxazolidines in 1K or 2K aliphatic polyurethane formulations.

Using SpecialChem’s assets will benefit Incorez in providing access to a huge network of global business professionals via a new communication channel on a neutral platform. This will enable Incorez to reach new companies who may never have visited its own company website. In addition, it helps optimise the use of marketing and communications resources in promoting the Incorez brand and manufacturing capabilities.

We hope for a long and successful partnership with SpecialChem.

Visit the Oxazolidine Technology Center on SpecialChem.