The Clients

Several manufacturers of high-performance floor coatings for application to concrete substrates.

In common with all 2K PU coatings, the presence of moisture affects the reactivity and application properties of the coating. Polyaspartic coatings are no exception, and the flow and levelling properties of the coating
can be adversely affected. The reason this occurs is because moisture/water reacts with the isocyanate component accelerating the cure rate and ultimately leading to poor visual properties of the coating.

In view of the variable humidity conditions that the coatings companies operate in, they need to develop a product that will perform equally well in all types of weather conditions.

The Solution

Incozol 2 was evaluated for this formulation, by incorporating it into the polyaspartic amine component. An appropriate amount of oxazolidine can be added to control the level of moisture that affects the coating. This is particularly important when coatings are applied during conditions of elevated humidity, to achieve the required cure rate.

By replacing between 10-15% of the polyaspartic ester amine of the formulation with Incozol 2, the flow and levelling properties were improved. In addition, the working time was extended when the coatings were subjected to conditions of elevated humidity.

Moisture scavenger for polyaspartic ester floor coatings

The Benefits

Incozol 2 acts as an effective moisture scavenger in polyurethane coatings systems. It is used to eliminate moisture from solvents, pigments and polyaspartic amine ester resin. It removes residual moisture from the formulation and prevents bubbling and down-glossing caused by high moisture levels either on the substrate or from the atmosphere.

In the evaluations, Incozol 2 proved effective at removing moisture from the raw materials and the atmosphere. The benefits to the floor coating manufacturers are:

  • Consistent flow and levelling properties for spray/brush applied coatings in all types of atmospheric conditions
  • Longer working times for roller applied coatings, thus eliminating roller marks from back rolling
  • A standardised floor coating formulation that can be applied during all types of atmospheric conditions
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