The Client

A manufacturer of high-performance waterborne coatings for application to PVC extrusions used in external environments.

The company had an existing range of water-based coatings but they contained the hazardous material NMP (N-Methyl-2- pyrrolidone). Replacement of this material with a non-hazardous pyrrolidone alternative without compromising the performance was a priority for the company.

Screening of other commercially available water-based options hadn’t yielded the results they were looking for. Either they were too high in VOC, too soft or did not coalesce without the addition of extra solvent.

The Solution

The company turned to Incorez and we recommended they look at samples of Dispurez 101. This product is a high Tg, hard, crystalline polyurethane dispersion with a polycarbonate backbone.

The company were able to use this dispersion to formulate a range of hard coatings that exhibited excellent weather and scratch resistance and that didn’t fade over time (UV stable).

The final formulated system was not only comparable in cost to their original NMP containing system, but also showed an improvement in performance (as measured using the AAMA 615 standard).

Polyurethane dispersion for high performance exterior PVC coatings

The Benefits

Dispurez 101 has been designed to allow formulators to produce tough, hard wearing coatings for rigid plastic substrates including uPVC, ABS & HIPS.

The entire Dispurez range is pyrrolidone-free enabling formulators to move away from hazardous materials such as NMP/NEP to hazard-free alternatives.

Additional benefits include:

  • Rapid hardness development allowing for quicker handling after spray application
  • Excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance for long term durability
  • Excellent adhesion to rigid plastic substrates
  • Contains no additives which allows the formulator to use their own if required
  • Film forms at ambient temperature without any additional cosolvent
  • UV stable
  • Low VOC