The Company

A multi-national company active in the construction chemicals industry with a strong focus on polyurethane protective and decorative coatings.

The company had an existing 2K anti-graffiti, solvent based polyurethane coating which was applied to treated concrete walls (facades) to create special colour effects. The coating had to be durable and exhibit anti-graffiti properties.

This system, however, exceeded the required 500g/litre VOC threshold. As a result, the company needed to convert to a VOC compliant system to satisfy environmental regulations whilst not compromising any of the existing performance properties.

The Solution

The initial development approach was to adopt waterborne chemistry. However, their attempts to develop a waterborne solution failed due to the elevated speed of cure which gave rise to paint overlap issues.

The company was then made aware of the Incozol LV reactive diluent oxazolidine technology approach.

By using Incozol LV as a reactive diluent offering high functionality and low viscosity, the company was able to formulate a range of VOC compliant, high solids, 2K polyester PU coatings in a selection of colours.

Reactive diluent for polyurethane architectural coatings

The Benefits

Incozol LV was developed to replace a portion of the polyol component enabling the formulation of high solids, low VOC coatings. In addition, it acts as a moisture scavenger preventing the generation of CO2 gas which would lead to defects in the final film

Use of Incozol LV in the formulation helped provide the following advantages for the company’s coatings:

Additional benefits include:

  • VOC compliance (<500g/litre)
  • High functionality of Incozol LV imparts crosslink density which enhances the physical & chemical properties
  • Improved durability and hardness to withstand weathering
  • Fast cure and long pot-life due to the delayed oxazolidine ring opening
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