For 2 Component Polyurethane coatings

Making the most of moisture

Two component protective coatings for high performance applications such as automotive paints and anti-corrosion coatings for steel protection in the wind and industrial segments must be faultless. Imperfections in the film can allow moisture, dirt, and other contaminants to penetrate the coating, which can shorten its lifespan, reduce its performance and lead to cost implications for the asset owner or manufacturer.

In these applications our moisture scavenger, Incozol 2, reacts with moisture (either in the coating or present in the atmosphere) before it has chance to react with the isocyanate group in the polyurethane structure. This prevents the formation of carbon dioxide gas, which can cause pinholes and other film defects. 

This product is sold across the world for both polyurethane and polyaspartic coatings.

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Improve performance, reduce VOCs

Designed to replace a percentage of the polyol used in 2K coatings Incozol LV is based on the same moisture triggered reaction as our moisture scavengers. All the benefits of moisture scavengers apply so coatings are bubble and defect free. However, it offers the additional benefits of reducing VOCs and making it easier to spray high solids coatings.

When the coating is applied the moisture triggered reaction eliminates moisture and yields a reactive molecule that in turn reacts back into the structure of the coating, increasing the strength of the resulting film.  Durability of the coating
is increased and as you replace some of the solvent, VOC's are reduced.

The reactive molecule that is formed also reduces the viscosity of the coating, reducing the need to add solvent as a thinner. This reduces VOC further, makes coatings easier to spray and means conventional spray equipment can be used.

For One Component Polyurethane coatings

Helping high build coatings cure faster

High build 1K PU coatings such as those for roofs and balconies benefit from the extra functionality that our latent curing agents have to offer. Like Incozol 2 and Incozol LV, they take moisture out of the equation (literally!) giving all the benefits you would expect from no carbon dioxide being produced during film forming. Taking this moisture triggered chemistry one step further our range of latent curing agents react, creating amine and hydroxyl groups which react further with isocyanate groups meaning faster through cure. For coating applicator this means an early walk on time plus a much more durable system. 

For markets with a cooler climate, we have Incozol EH.  It can be stored at sub-zero temperatures (down to -15ºC) without signs of crystallisation, making handling and storage easier and more convenient than other types of bis-oxazolidines.

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For Sealants

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Different chemistry, same results

Sealants based on polyurethane have the same issues with gassing as coatings do and a moisture scavenger is often used to ensure that a defect free film is produced every time. Our moisture triggered Oxazolidines can be used for sealant applications but we have developed a new product based on aldimine chemistry which has a much faster reaction rate than our Incozol range.

Aldirez BH is an aldimine latent curing agent that hydrolyses on exposure to moisture, yielding a reactive amine crosslinker. It has been specially designed for one component PU systems and is suitable for use with both aromatic and aliphatic prepolymers enabling bubble free curing at elevated temperature & humidity levels. 

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