Incozol EH

Incozol EH is a urethane bis-oxazolidine latent hardener for use in 1K polyurethane coatings, adhesives and sealants. Used in conjunction with low NCO polyurethane prepolymers, this hardener accelerates the cure of the prepolymer through a moisture triggered mechanism to afford crosslinking benefits to the 1K urethane. In addition, it enhances properties such as through cure development and mechanical strength through the elimination of CO2 gassing in high build, high solids PU systems. Incozol EH confers tolerance to the repeated opening of containers and can be used as a versatile curing agent with 2 or 4 functional mix ratios.

  • Can be stored at sub-zero temperatures (down to -15ºC) without signs of crystallisation, making handling and storage easier and more convenient than other types of bis-oxazolidines.
  • Excellent in-can stability for 1K aliphatic and aromatic PU systems.
  • Increased through-cure and tensile profile of formulated PU systems leading to tougher, more durable products.
  • Reduced odour – the reduced volatility of the aldehyde leaving group (2-ethyl hexanal) in this product results in a less pungent odour than bis-oxazolidines based on isobutyraldehyde. Useful for low odour 1K PU formulations.


  • Flooring & Balcony Systems
  • Roof Coatings
  • Sealants
  • Increases cure speed of 1K PU systems without the need for metal catalysts
  • Aromatic 1K PU systems where in-can stability may be an issue
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