Incozol® 2

Incozol 2 acts as an effective moisture scavenger in polyurethane coatings and sealants. It is used to eliminate moisture from solvents, polyols and prepolymers and also from plasticisers and pigments. It removes residual moisture from the formulation and prevents bubbling and down-glossing caused by high moisture levels either on the substrate or from the atmosphere. Incozol 2 is used in one or two component systems but is not generally recommended in one component systems with a low NCO content.

  • Produces bubble-free coatings by preventing CO2 gas; improving chemical and physical resistance
  • Eliminates surface defects such as pin-holing and hazing, which would otherwise lead to a loss of gloss in two component systems
  • Confers tolerance to repeated opening of paint containers - preventing gelling in one component moisture cure systems
  • Full reacts into the urethane polymer matrix


  • Removal of water from solvents, plasticisers and pigment pastes
  • Prevents gassing and gelling in one-component systems
  • Humidity control during application of sprayed polyurethanes
incozol 2 floor