Interview with Chris McNair, UK Regional Manager

What is your role at Incorez?

My job is to identify customers and companies that use our chemistry. I will then try and communicate our philosophy and let them know our customer chemistry approach. It’s not just about giving a customer a product they need but also one which technically improves their product.

A huge part of my role is about connecting people and companies, and then tailoring the chemistry to meet their requirements. I will oversee the interaction between customers and our technical department. But it doesn’t stop there; maintaining that relationship is crucial. We provide a continuous service, so it’s not simply a one-off sale, rather an ongoing relationship to improve their products. It’s why we tend to call our customers, partners.

What industry sectors do you work in?

At Incorez we target the aerospace, automotive and construction industries.  Our products feature in everything from coatings for planes, where they ensure the longevity of aircrafts at extreme temperatures, to refinish paint sprays for cars to
concrete flooring, wall screeds and protective roof coatings.

What are the principal challenges in your sales role?

One of the biggest challenges is the lack of familiarity with our company and our custom chemistry approach. This approach will essentially make our customers more successful. It ultimately what separates us and why we can make a difference.

How important is research and development?

Research and development plays a very important role in our business and the creation of new and innovative products.  For example, one of our customers from the roofing sector came to us wanting a liquid plastic which could adhere to all construction substrates from masonry, steel and wood to glass and plastic.  Our chemists synthesised a polyurethane dispersion that would bond to all substrates and now it is viable product sold across the world called Dispurez® 103.  

What is the secret to the chemistry?

It’s the way we customise our chemistry. Some companies will simply have a list of products which a customer can order. Our approach is different.  We will contact a customer to try and find out what the application is, getting as much information as possible on what they are trying to achieve.  When you work with Incorez, you benefit from a laboratory with chemists who are constantly innovating, tailoring and improving products all the time. It’s an approach that keeps our customers interested and coming back.

What has been the biggest change to the way you work?

Technology has changed my job significantly.  The technical information that is available now on the web compared to what it was when I first started twenty years ago cannot be compared. The decision making process has also been influenced
massively by technology as it offers exceptional levels of connectivity.

"It’s the way we customise our chemistry. It’s an approach that keeps our customers interested and coming back." Chris McNair, UK Regional Manager