Aldirez A

Aldirez A is a bis-aldimine and works as an accelerator for moisture cure PU primers that hydrolyse on exposure to moisture, yielding a reactive amine crosslinker and an aldehyde. Aldirez A is specially designed to accelerate cure in moisture cure PU systems and is suitable for use with both aromatic and aliphatic prepolymers. Aldirez A inhibits CO2 generation, and it allows the formulator to accelerate the cure of PU primers with a workable application potlife.

  • Prevents the production of CO2 gassing which would result in bubbling and film defects and works as a cure accelerator for 2K PU primers
  • Enables bubble free curing at elevated temperature & humidity levels
  • Suitable for use in aromatic and aliphatic prepolymers
  • Very low viscosity
  • Provides excellent low temperature cure


  • 2K PU primers for concrete and metal
  • Other protective coatings
  • Floor surfaces
aldirez metal

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